Opening up to the other side, you know the joke:

‘Why did the chicken cross the road? 

To get to the other side!’

I never realised what that joke really implied – the chicken wanted to commit suicide, I thought it wanted to cross the road. Anyway I wasn’t going to talk about the suicidal chicken, it’s a bit morbid.  Halloween’s approaching, (not that we are real big celebrators of the American holiday theme), but it’s always fun to get dressed up ghouly and vampire costumes can be quite alluring. 

We are going to entice the spirits and present a tribute to the famous Davenport Brother’s Spirit Cabinet here at The Magic Zone Theatre.  Lots of mysterious things happen and float around here, but they’ll all friendly presences, they just come along to see a magic and Illusion show themselves, bless em. 

Richard & I are going to re-create the famous Spirit cabinet on the 31st of October, along with many other strange happenings,  who knows what will occur!  Tickets available, http://www.trybooking.com/FLBG


Do you believe in Magic?

Do you believe in Magic?  I do, as a Magic performer I have seen how each trick is performed, the tricks behind them and secrets that I will never reveal, it is wonderful to be surrounded by Magic tricks but hard to enjoy them when watching a Magician performing them, you can either sit and watch and be thinking the whole time of the gimmicks and mechanics of the trick or you can just watch and enjoy without figuring our how it’s done.  There are two types of people, those who need to work the Magic out or yell out their opinions of what happened or those who enjoy and get taken away into a Magical world.  But when both types all remain extremely silent, you can hear a pin drop when a Magic happening takes place, nobody can suss it out, it all goes quite, that is when it is known that a magic performance is wowing.  But yes I do believe in magic, i think it happens all around us everyday.  Sometimes it goes unoticed like a life starting, a heart’s first beat, and all the things that make you happy, and good memories, Christmas morning as a child, Magic tricks from grandpa, love and Music, exploring, all give that same happy feeling, Magic!!!

Have heels will Travel

I love high heels! Everyday I wear no less than 6 inch platform heels, even to the letterbox and just going to the supermarket. I actually find them comfortable, the ones with the big platform under the soul of the foot. One day I wore flat boots and nearly fell over..never again, I will wear platforms as an old woman too.
I wear them when we perform our Magic show here at The Magic Zone Theatre in Bayswater. I haven’t fallen yet, not for the many years I have been wearing them…touch wood.
I got a bit silly and bought some 10 inch heels online, they even said that ‘These shoes are not to be walked in, they are purely for sitting photoshoot purposes.’ But I thought ‘nuh, I shall be right’, so I put them on and a big cloak so I would look like a tall person so we could do a change of Magician, not showing our faces, but nooooo wayyyy! I couldn’t take one step in those things, I don’t know how Lady gaga does it. I’ll stick to my 6 inch heels, sometimes 7, It’s okay being a petite female Magic performer, I can fit in a lot more places easier!! Have heels will travel!!

Magic Millions – upcoming show

Magic poster tiny

This is an absolutely rocking Magic and Illusion show in this year’s Melbourne Magic Festival.  We proudly present ‘Magic Millions’ the show that is hot these school holidays.  Mad Magician Richard Wibberley and his wacky delightful assistant Minnie Major throw together their big illusions and best Magic in this exciting family magic  show.  Magic Millions is running daily from June 30th to July 4th, 2014 at 2pm to 3pm at Northcote Town hall over these school holidays… Click here to get your tickets before they sell out…